Nanocrystalline Tungsten Trioxide Electrochromic Energy Storage Film

Electrochromic means that the optical properties of materials change reversibly under the action of an applied electric field. The color and optical transmittance of electrochromic materials can be changed at low voltage, and the fading state of electrochromic materials can be maintained under open circuit condition. With this characteristic, electrochromic devices are widely used in energy saving, optical regulation and other fields. Wisdom window is one of its most representative applications.

nanocrystalline tungsten trioxide electrochromic energy storage film image

The preparation method of Nanocrystalline Tungsten Trioxide electrochromic energy storage film includes the following steps:

(1)Tungsten hexachloride (WCl6) and polyoxyethylene-polyoxypropylene-polyoxyethylene triblock copolymer were dissolved in anhydrous ethanol to form solution A.

(2)The solution A obtained in step (1) is aged to form a dipping solution.

(3)The conductive substrate is inserted vertically into the dipping solution and pulled at a uniform speed until the conductive substrate leaves the solution completely. The conductive substrate covered with sol film is obtained.

(4)drying the conductive substrate covered with sol film by step (3) to form gel film.

(5) high temperature heat treatment of gel film obtained from step 4 is used to remove the moxa polyoxyethylene polyoxypropylene polyoxyethylene three block copolymer, and mesoporous nanocrystalline tungsten oxide electrochromic energy storage film is obtained.

The preparation method realizes the mixing of crystalline/amorphous tungsten oxide at nanometer scale, ensures the high porosity of the film and greatly increases the specific surface area of the film. The obtained film has the characteristics of high transparency, wide optical dynamic modulation range, fast discoloration speed, high capacity and loop stability. The preparation method has the advantages of low cost, easy production in large area and easy industrialization.