Tungsten-based High Density Alloy Nanocomposite Powder Preparation

Tungsten-based high density alloys are widely used in aviation, aerospace, military and nuclear industries because of their high density, strength, hardness and ductility. It is widely used in aerospace industry as balancing counterweight, shock absorber, kinetic energy armor piercing projectile and armor piercing material, and plasma-oriented first wall material in nuclear industry.

tungsten-based high density alloy nanocomposite powder preparation image

A method for preparing tungsten-based high density alloy nanocomposite powders and bulk materials is characterized by the following steps:

1)The tungsten powder, nickel powder and iron powder needed for high density tungsten alloy are evenly mixed by high speed mixer.

2)The mixed powders are fed into the plasma pulverizer, gasified in the ultra-high temperature plasma arc, and then rapidly cooled to form spherical nano-composite powders. The fineness of the nano-composite powders ranges from 10 to 100 nm.

3)Put proper amount of nano-composite powder into graphite mould, vacuum degassing for 20-40 minutes in electrified sintering equipment, then argon filling for protection, the upper and lower stamping force is kept at 30 MPa-100 MPa, and the heating speed is 30-40 ℃/min, the heating speed is up to 1100 ℃-1250 ℃, the heat preservation is continued for 1-3 minutes, and finally every minute. When the cooling rate is greater than 50 ℃, the bulk material can be obtained by cooling it to room temperature.

When nano-powder is sintered in graphite mould under electric pressure, it can be rapidly densified under the action of surface activation of pulse current and self-accumulation and compaction of spherical nano-powder itself. Dense bulk materials can be obtained in a very short time below liquid phase sintering temperature, which is easy to operate and has high density. It has strong plasticity and great application value. It can be used to prepare spherical nano-alloy powder and bulk nano-materials.