Tungsten Alloy Counterweight for F1 Racing Car

Tungsten alloy counterweight is a F1 specific tuning option and is now becoming the most popular material for balancing race cars. Tungsten heavy alloy is the best material to be used as counterweight which can be used in motor sport, because it has the good properties: high density with small volume, high temperature resistance, non-toxic and environmentally.

 Adding ballast weight helps to provide competitive advantage by giving the ability to add ballast within confined spaces in exactly the correct place to trim the weight distribution and meet the minimum weight requirements.

Tungsten alloy counterweight allows you to add weight to F1 racing car, with the specific intention of altering the weight distribution of the car. This works hand in hand with tungsten weight balance. F1 racing car have tungsten ballast of more than 150 Kg by applying very expensive and very heavy metal ballast in precise places, to further lower the center of gravity. Better balance contributes to the better control over the car's movement and helps to optimize the overall performance.

tungsten alloy counterweight f1 racing car picture


As on most cars, the RB4 has tiny blocks of tungsten inside the wing's main profile, hidden from view within covered housings. But in addition to this 'standard' ballast placing, the RB4's endplates also have detachable aerodynamically shaped covers which hide extra ballast pieces. The ballast may look small, but the high density of the ballast metal means they can carry 5 to 7 kilograms. This allows the weight distribution of the car to be moved more forwards, improving its overall weight distribution. Tungsten alloy vehicle has high tensile strength and good creep resistance with a high mass/size ratio. Tungsten alloy counterweight is the ideal material to work within a restricted space. The high density of tungsten alloy counterweight gives enhanced sensitivity by increasing the control of load distribution.

tungsten alloy counterweight for f1 racing car picture