Tungsten Disulfide Coating

Tungsten disulfide coating is an extremely slick, dry film lubricant coat. WS2 has an extremely low coefficient of friction of 0.03 — lower than that of teflon, graphite, or molybdenum disulfide. The film is remarkably durable compared to many other lubricant materials and can withstand tremendously high loads of over 300,000 psi.

WS2 has unsurpassed performance properties for lubricity, non-stick, low drag, wear life, and load rating. Tungsten disulfide as a lubricant for the mariner deep space probes as well, where the high vacuum and friction coefficient temperature render conventional lubricants unsuitable for the missions, making them ideal for business's of all descriptions. It can offer great dry or solid lubricity unmatched to any other substance, including molybdenum disulfide or graphite.

tungsten disulfide coating used in gear imageSince the powder offers one of the lowest coefficient of friction, the applications are unlimited and could be tried with every conceivable idea. Tungsten disulfide is extremely lubricious. WS2 in the mixture will get coated on mating or moving parts, which can reduce friction and improve lubricity and load bearing ability for much longer cycles.

The powder can be used as coating by spraying the substrate with dry pneumatic air. It does not require any binders and spraying can be done at normal room temperature. The tungsten disulfide coating applications are already applied in many fields such as automotive parts, racing car engine and other parts, cutting tools, blades, aerospace parts, bearings, linear, ball, roller, shafts, marine parts, valve components, pistons, chains, slitters, knives, mold release, precision gears, machinery components and many other applications.

WS2 is an excellent release material for plastic molds, extrusion dies, and other release applications. WS2 can eliminate the need for liquid lubricants or can be used with petrochemical oils, greases, synthetic oils, silicone lubricants, and hydraulic fluids. It has an affinity for lubricants and maintains a hydrodynamic layer. It helps to hold oils or greases on the surface, increasing lubrication even more. At <1 micron thick, the coating can be applied to high-precision parts without tolerance problems.

Tungsten disulfide powder does not stick to anything easily and has to be forcefully applied to a substrate to stick. Maximum film thickness possible is 0.5 micron, as one particle of WS2 does not stick to another particle of WS2. But single layer of WS2 particles is enough to provide excellent long- lasting lubricity. WS2 is also a fairly inert and non-toxic material that has been used in medical device and food processing applications. WS2 is applied to substrates by an ambient temperature high velocity process. It will not anneal or warp substrate materials. WS2 can be used alone, or in combination with our PVD hard coatings for even greater durability.