Multifunctional Nano Solar Film Containing Cesium Tungstate

With the development of economy, energy consumption for temperature regulation has increased rapidly. As an effective means of heat insulation, energy saving and environmental protection, solar panels for automobiles and building glass are becoming more and more popular in recent years.

multifunctional nano solar film containing cesium tungstate image

A new transparent thermal insulation coating material, cesium tungstate, is introduced here. It is an inorganic nanometer powder with the best absorptive capacity for near-infrared. A multifunctional nanoscale solar film is prepared by cesium tungstate. The main methods are as follows:

1)The polyester slice and caesium sodium tungstate were mixed 2 ~ 4H at the speed of 800 ~ 1500r/min, and then precrystallized and dried at the temperature of 120~150 ℃, and the time was 2 ~ 4h, the powder was obtained. The powder was stirred and fused at the temperature of 270~285 ℃, and the sheet was extruded with a single screw extruder. The temperature at 80~120 ℃ was obtained. The substrate is stretched longitudinally and horizontally to obtain the basement membrane. The substrate is heat-treated at 240 degree temperature and the red outer layer is obtained.

2)The nano titanium dioxide was evenly dispersed into the anhydrous ethanol through the planetary mill, and then mixed with high hardness silicone resin and then coated to the upper surface of the anti red outer layer. Finally, the infrared curing treatment was carried out to get the self cleaning and wear-resistant layer; the environmental protection was good and the cost was low with the anhydrous ethanol as the solution; the high hardness was high. The hardness of the organic resin is about 6H, which is abrasion resistant and scratch resistant. It can protect the paint film from being damaged and prolong its service life.

3)The nano Zinc Oxide and nano three oxide two aluminum are evenly dispersed in the nano sand mill in MIBK, and then mixed with polyacrylate pressure sensitive adhesive, and then coated on the lower surface of the anti red outer layer to get the anti ultraviolet layer; the polyacrylate pressure sensitive adhesive plays a good bonding effect and will prevent the red outer layer, the UV coating and the polyester off shape. The layer is bonded together;

4)The polyester film was treated by the surface low energy treatment to get the polyester off layer, and then the self cleaning and wear-resistant layer, the anti red outer layer, the anti UV layer and the polyester off type layer were sent into the film mulching machine from top to bottom. Finally, the multi-function nano solar film was obtained.

Compared with magnetron sputtering, this preparation method has low production cost and high production efficiency, and does not need laser shock formation at high temperature and high pressure, and is less wasteful in energy consumption. The multifunctional nanoscale solar film not only has excellent constant optical properties and good mechanical properties, but also the solar film is solid, self - cleaning and durable, and has long service life.

Cesium tungstate is a new type of transparent thermal insulation coating material, which has the best absorptive capacity for near-infrared, therefore, it is used in the manufacture of high-end multifunctional nanomaterials.