5N Tungsten Wire / Tungsten Rod Preparation Method

With the technological progress of the electric light source and the renewal of the lighting products, the gas discharge lamp has been used more and more widely. Gas discharge lamp electrodes are mostly made of tungsten rods and tungsten wire, these materials include thorium tungsten, doped tungsten, lanthanum tungsten, barium tungsten, rare earth tungsten, pure tungsten, etc., among them, the purity of doped tungsten and pure tungsten is higher, and the content of tungsten can reach 99.95% (3N5) and 99.9999% (4N). 

5n tungsten wire / tungsten rod preparation method image

Gas discharge lamp electrode life depends on the purity of the tungsten electrode material level, if the tungsten rod or tungsten can reach 5N purity, then the representative of its performance and life expectancy is more favorable.

5N tungsten rod or tungsten wire preparation method is as follows:

1. The purity of more than 5N tungsten powder into a soft mold at 200MPa pressure cold isostatic pressing to a diameter of about Ф56mm, cold isostatic pressing is obtained;

2.The resulting cold isostatic compacts sintered at 2100 ℃ in a hydrogen atmosphere to a density of 17.5g / cm3 or more to obtain a sintered billet;

3.The sintered billet at 1600 ℃ forged with an air hammer to a density of 19.15g / cm3, diameter Ф29mm, to forge billet, its deformation is 64%, the internal microstructure of the billet of calcined fine and uniform.

4.The calcined billet cut and coreless grinding obtained 5N purity tungsten rod, the internal grain structure is small and uniform, the size of Ф27 × 47mm.

The purity of tungsten rod wire prepared by the above method can reach above 5N (99.999%), which can be used for the production of long life gas discharge lamp electrode, and has high production efficiency and stable product quality, which is suitable for industrial production.