Dartboard Buying Guide 2

Dartboard buying guide information.

Third, dartboard and darts level of quality and price factors.

1 dartboard level of quality can be judged based on the following points :

(1) target surface pattern is clear, whether accurate chromatic color is uniform .
(2)whether the target ring and digital loop specifications.
(3) whether the formation of positive and negative , are firmly after installation.
(4) 1-20 each partition is evenly distributed by 180 on the target disk .
(5) whether the dart hard, not easy to deformation and unglued after use.
(6) the target disk disk flocking soft hands , no cracks .
(7) linen dart target disk tie after picking holes will heal itself .
(8) In addition to the above, the quality of the game dartboard also depends on linen color purity, delicacy extent and degree of feedstock flexibility .
(9) Game dart reference specifications are as follows :

Dart Thickness : 38mm;Dart disc diameter : 458mm;Digital circle diameter : 436mm ( including steel ) ;Separate networks outer diameter : 335mm;The outer circle diameter : 40mm;Inner circle diameter : 15mm;Double zone outside the arc width : 54mm;Double zone arc width : 50mm;Double zone height : 10mm;Three times the area outside the arc width : 34mm;Three times the width of the area arc : 30mm;Three times the area height : 10mm;Haplotype area outside the region scores height : 54mm;Haplotype score zone district height : 80mm.

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