The Advise for Darts Scorekeeper

1 Do not talk during the scoring.

2 Do not move ,When dart scorekeeper is recording the points.

3 Dart scorekeeper should face plate stand, do not look at those darts.

4  Unless scorer has requestments, he does not to report the specific scores for each dart.

5 Darts scorer  should not  told participants how to land the darts.

6 Scorer should not tell participants combination of methods darts game in the end of game.

7 Scores have been recorded points at the beginning of the next round of the tournament players or subsequently recorded subsequent scores, the scores will not be changed.

8 Do not lean over to see the scorekeeper with darts darts or move the body and head.

9 Scorer do not show regret or excited expression in the game.

10 In the multi-game, players position on the scoreboard should not be changed.

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