Rules of Participating in the Darts Competition

1. Dart

(A) Athletes participated in the competition  must bring their own darts.

(B) Darts shall not be more than 30 cm length, hard darts weight must not exceed 40 grams.

(C) Darts must have a total of four parts: barrel, dart needle attached to the body, shaft, dart rod tail connected to the shaft.

2. Dartborad

(A) In a darts competition, athletes must be specified or identified by the Chinese Darts Association with in line with international standards of 20 aliquots sisal texture dart disk.

(B) The score zone: this zone is calibrated score dart disk outer area of the score.

(C) Double Zone: dart disc narrow outer rings, each score
(D) Three times zones: the inner disk dart narrow rings, scores for the score zone three times.

(E) Outside the center circle: this district is 25 points (green).

(F)The center of the circle: this district is 50 minutes, this area is outside the center circle of the double area (red).

(G) 20 points zone in the boards should be above the board (ie, clock 12:00 position) and is black, while the other scores of 20 points from the start area is divided into two color cross-clockwise to 1 minute, 18 points, 4 points, 13 points, 6 points, 10 points, 15 points, 2 points, 17 points, 3 points, 19 points, 7 points, 16 points, 8 points, 11 points, 14 points, 9 points, 12 points, 5 points.

3. Darts area

(A) Dart plate hanging height

From the center of the circle (50 partitions) to the vertical height of the center of the ground is 1.73 m. Dart should be perpendicular to the ground the whole disk.

(B) Dart distance

From the center of the front panel to the ground dart vertex vertical line to the line being the center darts distance of 2.37 meters, is the shortest distance darts player.

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