[Know Tungsten] Tungsten Scheelite Cationic Collector

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Cationic collector is the active groups adsorbed on the mineral surface to make the mineral hydrophobic cationic after dissociation. It can be used as tungsten scheelite collector. Fatty amines collector is the main type.


[Know Tungsten] Tungsten Scheelite Amphoteric Collector

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Amphoteric collector is a heterogeneous organic compound with both anions and cations in the molecule. The common used collectors include a-amino fatty acid, alkyl phosphate (salt), alkylamine propionic acid, oxyethylene type collector.


[Know Tungsten] Tungsten Scheelite Anionic Collector

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Anionic collector is a collector that is adsorbed on the mineral surface after the dissociation of the active group of hydrophobic minerals. It is main type of tungsten scheelite collector. There are four catagories: fatty acid, sulfoacid, phosphoric acid and chelating agent.


[Know Tungsten] Wolframite Slime Recovery – Selective Flocculation Flotation Method

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Wolframite slime is an beneficiation issue due o its fine particle. It is ever harder to recycle finer minerals in slime. In recent years, to deal with fine particle wolframite slime effectively, there is a method to accumulate first and beneficiation second, selective flocculation flotation method is one of the newly developed wolframite slime recycle method.


Yellow Tungsten Oxide History

YTO photo

Yellow Tungsten oxide is an oxide form of tungsten, appearance is yellow powder. It has two different grain sizes and color. When grain size is 1.5um, it is light yellow. When grain size is 15um, it is yellow green. Although they have different appearance, their property is similar.


Yellow Tungsten Oxide Gas Sensing Property

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In recent years, yellow tungsten oxide catches wide concentration in special application field, especially in gas sensing industry. Nano yellow tungsten oxide, can be used to synthesize exploring sensing system in national defense industry. It can inspect biology, atom nuclear weapons and chemical material, also provide nano virtual training system for computer system. Moreover, it provides many convenient condition for high property communicating system.


Xiamen Tungsten Cooperation Will Buy Tungsten Concentrate from Australia

MT tungsten mine photo

On Nov 3, according a report by Australia media, MT (Mulgine Tungsten Mine) in the west of Australia went through environmental examine and approval, it is expected to be explored in 2018. Xiamen Tungsten Cooperation will purchase tungsten concentrate from this company.


Violet Tungsten Oxide Chemical Property

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Violet tungsten oxide is short for VTO, is named for its violet appearance. It is the common recognized best material for producing ultra fine or nano grade tungsten powder in the industry. Violet tungsten oxide is mainly used to produce tungsten metal powder and tungsten carbide powder, as well as gas sensor testing equipment.


Nano Cesium Tungstate

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Nano cesium tungstate is new material which is discovered recently. Some painting company in Japan, Germany and America are aimed at developing cesium tungstate transparent heat insulating painting. Nano cesium tungstate is a kind of inorganic nano powder which has good absorption capability toward near infrared.

Cesium tungstate, which chemical formula is Cs2WO4, is colorless crystal, has strong absorption for moisture. It has phase turn around at 536℃ from rhomboidal crystal to hexagonal crystal, soluble in water.

cesium tungstate photo

Cesium tungstate has transparent heat insulating property while in near infrared area (wavelength 800~1100nm), and strong penetrating property in visible area (wavelength 380~780nm), strong shielding property in violet light area (wavelength 200~380nm). As a result, nano cesium tungstate has adorable near infrared absorption, visible light transmission property, has wide application prospect in window heat insulating, car membrane, sunlight insulating and so on.

Cesium tungstate producing method including solid phase method, liquid phase co-precipitation method, micro-emulsion method, hydrothermal method, etc.. However, the shortcomings during producing process such as high cost, low producing efficiency results it in high price.

To date, there are few research on nano cesium tungstate producing method national wide, China is in the leading place instead. To be honest, there are many shortcomings while during producing process, it is hard to be applied in a wider field due to its high cost. But with progress made in research and former experience, more preparation methods will come out in the future.


High Purity Violet Tungsten Oxide

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Violet tungsten oxide is short for VTO, is named by its violet appearance. It is a widely recognized best raw material for producing ultra fine or nano tungsten powder in the industry. Violet tungsten oxide is mainly used in producing tungsten metal powder and tungsten carbide powder, as well as gas sensing material.