Black Tungsten Ore of This Rare Earth Kingdom Rank First in The World, The Ionic Rare Earth Are Also Rich

The black tungsten ore reserves of the rare earth kingdom rank first in the world, and the reserves of ionic rare earth resources are also very rich. Do you know this rare earth kingdom in which corner of the world is located?

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Zhangzhou Honor Articles

In fact, this place is one of China's charming cities - Ganzhou, located in the southern part of Jiangxi Province, is the southern gate of Jiangxi Province, and is also known as "Southern Anhui." It also has a beautiful name - Yucheng! Be careful, not devout!

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It is the "cradle of the people's military industry", the "the birthplace of the people's military industry", the "first ancestor of the people's military work", the "original central Soviet area", and the "starting city of the Long March". And "Red Capital"! It is also known as the “First City of Qianli River”, “Jiangnan Songcheng” and “The Source of World Fengshui Culture” for those who like to go down the river. It is also known as the “Hakka Cradle”, the “One of the Hakka's Largest Settlements” and the “First Station of the Hakka Pioneers”.

Thus, the popularity of Ganzhou can be seen. Of course, the business card of Ganzhou can be more than that! Do you know what praises Zhangzhou still enjoys?

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Zhangzhou Mineral Resources

Quzhou has a unique resource advantage and is one of the key non-ferrous metal bases in China. It is known for its black tungsten resources and ionic medium-heavy rare earth resources. It is also a heavy metal resource such as molybdenum, tin, zinc, lead and antimony. The enrichment of rare metal resources such as cesium, among which the reserves of black tungsten ore rank first in the world. I believe that many people in the industry know that ionic rare earth resources are an important strategic resource for the development of high-tech and defense industries. The ionic rare earth resources in Ganzhou are rich in high-value rare earth elements such as lanthanum, cerium, lanthanum and cerium. Their reserves account for more than 60% of the reserves of similar rare earth resources in the country.

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He said that Ganzhou has a history of more than 100 years of tungsten discovery and development. Over the past 50 years, the development of rare earth industry has made great progress in the development and application of non-ferrous minerals such as copper, aluminum, uranium and thorium. .

Quzhou's tungsten resources are very rich, so what about Jiangxi? Jiangxi's large-scale tungsten mines include several large tungsten mines such as Xihua Mountain, Pangu Mountain, Daji Mountain, Qimei Mountain and Diaotang. The reserves account for 21% of China. Jiangxi tungsten mine is originally "southern north and less north." However, in 2010, a large-scale tungsten mine was discovered in Wuning County of Jiujiang in the northwest of Yunnan Province, which broke the situation of the southeastern tungsten mine in Jiangxi Province. The proved reserves of the tungsten mine were about 1.06 million tons. Later, a world-class large-scale tungsten mine was discovered in the Zhuxi mining area of Fuliang County in northeastern Yunnan.

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Analysis of the Ruins and Values ​​of Nonferrous Metals Industry in Zhangzhou

1. Xihuashan Tungsten Mine in Dayu County: The discovery of tungsten ore from the Song Dynasty (960-1279) and the construction of mines during the Republic of China have important historical materials and humanistic tourism development value.

2. Tieshan Tungsten Mine in Yudu County: Over 80 years of mining history, the temporary central government opened the “Zhonghua Tungsten Mine Company”, making outstanding contributions to the revolution. The first grade of black tungsten concentrate is 100%.

3. Dajishan Tungsten Mine in Quannan County: Founded in February 1918, the backbone enterprises in the “First Five-Year Plan” period have strict management, strict and efficient environment, beautiful environment, and pragmatic innovation and diligence.

4. Pangushan tungsten mine in Yudu County: Founded in 1918, it was mined in 1922. The black tungsten concentrate is of good quality and is sold well both at home and abroad.

5. Zhangzhou Casting Money Supervision Site: Located in Tiexiling, Shuixi Village, Shuixi Township, it was built in the Northern Song Dynasty Huizong Daguan years. It has been an important material for the history of coinage or bronze mirrors in the past 100 years.

6. Dingnan, Longnan, Xunwu and Xinfeng abandoned rare earth mines: “forest-fruit-grass”, “forest (fruit)-grass-fishing (grazing)”, “pig-marsh-forest (fruit)”, “industrial” The park has four modes to control the abandoned mine environment, accumulate management experience, and increase the economic benefits of the people.

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These non-ferrous metal cultural relics have also spawned many historical cultures, brand cultures, innovative cultures and cultures of different mining varieties, and have important historical value, humanistic tourism development and industrial economic linkage. The non-ferrous metal culture is gradually blending with urban cultures such as Hakka culture and red culture. In the wave of the new normal economic construction, the unique cultural charm of urban characteristics is promoted, and the innovation and development of the service industry and high-tech industries will be promoted. The take-off of Zhangzhou brings infinite space.

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At present, Ganzhou is shifting from resource advantage to industrial advantage. In the innovation-driven development strategy, the rare earth and tungsten new materials industry has developed rapidly, and has formed from geological exploration, ore mining and separation, deep smelting and processing, product application to inspection and testing, research and development. The complete industrial chain of design. This is the accumulation and precipitation of generations of people who are constantly fighting and constantly innovating! The current state of Zhangzhou is no longer the "ugly duckling" of the year. More than 300 billion yuan of potential economic value of mineral resources and mining excavation sites have become an important source of Chuzhou culture, and also a foundation, which will promote the development of Zhangzhou's economy and the advancement of science and technology.